Diddy is Now P.Twitty

This blog post is dedicated to Wayne Sutton because this type of topic is so much like him. LOL

Say what you want about Diddy, but even I have to give credit where credit is due. Twitter is the new way for musicians to keep in touch with their fan base. Shaq done it. Nore is doing. Joe Budden is on the case. And Diddy ante up the twitter game. How you, asked? Well, if you find yourself asking “which chicken tastes better: popeyes or kfc” yesterday, then even YOU got caught in his matrix.

Diddy on March 4th launched “P. Twitty TV” to promote his newest album that he’s currently working on called "Last Train to Paris", a “concept album” that’s going to be more like a story (his words, not mine). So, in addition to tweeting updates, he’s also giving “close to real time” updates on YouTube. As of this post, there’s currently 6 episodes.

All Six (and future) P. Twitty Episodes are here for your viewing pleasure.

While Diddy’s idea isn’t exactly new (vblogging), what makes this different is that he’s promoting his twitter… and that alone! Of course, one may wonder why he’s promoting Twitter harder than all his other social profiles or even *gasp* his own website? But, his main website is on his twitter page, promoting possible way you can reach out to him.

Does Diddy engage in conversations? If you’re lucky. Does he follows back non-celebrities? Again… if you’re lucky. I would follow him, but he’s not my up of tea…

… but he IS entertaining. By doing this, he’s schooling hip-hop artists on branding in this new age. Record labels, take notes. Diddy’s schooling y’all!

P.S. – If you are from the U.K., his name is P. Diddy over there. Over here, we don’t know what to call him anymore. Don’t believe me?

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