Deborah Tang, BET Journalist and Head of News Programming, Passed Away Christmas Day 2007.


Deborah Tang, one of the quality BET journalist, developed and produced programming at Black Entertainment Television and was focused on making news a focal point of the network. She past away from cancer on December 25, 2007.

She developed many of the News programs on BET, which includes "For Black Men Only," a male-oriented discussion show, a daily talk show with host Tavis Smiley, "BET Talk." as well as the popular "Teen Summit", which was honored by NAACP as well as other industry organizations.

Sadly, the news programming of BET had went down the drain since the purchase of BET to Viacom (owner of many channels. MTV Networks being one of them). I used to be a watcher of Teen Summit and the nightly news. She’ll be missed.

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