Dear Music Labels: Please Use Social Media Correctly!

Today, I wanted to cover Jazmine Sullivan’s “Bust Your Windows”. However, upon finding the official video on YouTube, I also found this:


So, I now have to write up about this. Why? Because it seems that the Music Labels (the major ones) don’t realize what they done. They need to be educated on this:

First off, by disabling embedding, you are driving traffic away from your channel. What traffic you may ask?

Let’s take what I wanted to do for example. I want to feature a music video. What I will do is I will go to “YouTube” and find that video. If I find the video, but can’t embed it, then I will go to another user. However, knowing that if that user gets too popular, you’ll shut them down, leaving me to go off youtube to another site to get the very video that you block from embedding.

In the meantime, the money you could be making from my 100+ views is gone because I’m driving traffic away from your channel and giving it to someone else. Now, you may ask “what money”? Here’s the answer:


Note what you’ll miss out. Advertising money because chances are, a click-though will result in people wanting to find out more music by this artist. But there’s also other things, like the ability to share, add to playlist and chances of them subscribing for even more chances of getting their attention.

What Music Labels (of all kinds) don’t understand is that by giving the user that ability to spread your video, we will more than likely come to the source for things. But when you do something like disable a video or speak to fans as we’re numbers, then it more than lightly turns them off.

Of course, if you want me to name one successful band that will share their music videos, then… OK GO.

This band basically did a simple music video and share it on YouTube. What happened afterwards? Not only did it caught on. Lots of people started to do their own version of the dances, giving Ok Go a brand to recognize.

For those who wants a Hip-Hop example… don’t hate. Once an Internet Star-turned-rapper celebrity Soulja Boy Tellem uses YouTube and it’s features to make sure his movement was felt. While the official music labels prevent users from embedding videos, Souljah Boy just place them on his channel and giving his fans a direct connection to him, which makes him #1 on the grinding side.

So, music labels, please stop making it hard for me and others to cover your guys! It’s bad enough that I have several broken videos on my blog. You want us to “respect your copyright” and even thought you have the tools, you refuse to use them probably.

You are losing out more by NOT allowing us to embed the videos. You might as well stop it altogether. No one will miss it.

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