Davey D: Obama Being Pressured to Reject Church & Farrakhan [LinkUp]


Davey D, a hip-hop Journalist and DJ, wrote a post in his myspace blog about Obama being pressured to reject his Church and ideals. Here’s a highlight of the post.

How many of us go to Churches that say ‘No’ to gays and gay marriage, yet many of us reject that precept and support gay rights? How many of us have seen traditional religious teachings put women in back seat, yet many of us ignore that? So why can’t someone allowed to sit before Farrakhan and accept and reject thoughts and teachings in the same vein. Many listen to this brother speak and have yet to get up and start praying to Allah, so I’m quite sure if he actually does say something offensive or even outlandish then folks are intelligent enough to say ‘no’ without the help of the ADL, Sean Hannity or anyone else…

To read the whole breakdown, head to the blog posting linked below:

Obama Being Pressured to Reject Church & Farrakhan – Davey D’s MySpace Blog

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  • Troy

    Bro. Davey is right on point with this article. Must every high positioned Black politician bow down to jewish forces everytime he/she wants to talk with their brother? This truly shows what they think of us as a people. We always have to confer, discuss, get permission/acceptance everytime we want to speak with a bold black leader. This is how you treat children! They treat us like a bunch of damn punks, cowards, and sissies and we accept it! How LONG???? Wake up Blackman and Woman! If these devils can’t even accept the face that your pastor is friends with The Minister, then you don’t need to be running for president in this society thats going to hell in a rocketship! (see: economy, society, lawlessness, violence, immorality)

  • http://liferemixed.ning.com/profile/rjholla2003 rjholla2003

    Hello double standard! Take money from racist, and it’s no problem if you’re a white candidate. Obama’s pastor honors Farrakhan and it’s an issue. Get that BS our of our faces White, Conservative America! If you’re holding one accountable, hold all equally accountable!