Damn you, Barack Obama… I Might Join The Campaign, DAMN!!!!!

Note: This is more of a personal opinion, so you don’t have to go along with my word. However, at least hear me out. I’ll respect your opinions as you would mine.

I finally decided. I’m for Barack Obama. I tried real hard NOT to be for Obama. You know how HARD that is? It’s really hard because honestly, I wanted to hate you. Reason why? I think this guy expresses my feelings more than I can write. (He swears, people. He swears.)

Darian Dauchan, a poet from the NYC, did this piece last year. I think this piece expresses how most people feel when they are leaning towards Obama.

As for me, personally, I can’t shake this feeling. I want to believe in somebody. I want to believe that somebody is going to change the political game… and I don’t believe in Senator Clinton or any of the other ones, Republican, Democrat or other. I don’t even see Obama as a Democrat, but a human being that is growing into his role. He’s got this spark in him… the type I seen in Martin Luther King’s speech. The type when I saw John F. Kennedy spoke.

The political game is full of people that makes huge promises, but don’t deliver. For some, it’s beyond their reach. For others, they forgotten about the people that believed in them. I half-assed believe in Senator Kerry… to the point that I didn’t went through the trouble to vote.

I’m guess I’m going to have to explain this one, right? Well, Election Day, I went to the local polling place to vote. After 2 hours, I found out that I was not registered in the district I was living at the moment. Then I remembered that I didn’t registered to vote in that district, but in another! So, I had to go across town. But on my way to get the bus money, I started to think… what if my vote don’t count? They are going to find a way to put President Bush back in office. So, I didn’t even bother to go. Needless to say, they found "problems" in the voting process and even so, George Bush defeated John Kerry, even with the recounts.

Without Voting Reform, I honestly didn’t want to vote. However, when Obama started talking, I listened. Then I stopped. I was thinking deep inside "I’m not falling for it." Because it was simple… he said things I can relate to. He was "up there" in the world of politics, but he talked to me, through his speeches, as if he’s talking to me. He’s not talking at me (like President Bush), but to me. After all, he did talked to all of us that he believed in John Kerry.

This is the type of man I want to represent me… no, we. A man that will listen. A man that will do his best to solve problems. A man that will speak the truth, no matter how harsh. So, I believe that Barack Obama will do exactly that.

So, give me a Barack Obama button. I’m running with him until the very end.

Thanks for giving me something I lost a while back…

… punk.

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  • Ian

    You are going to get the man assasinated with talk like that… Quiet down! massa is a comin…. On the real though, i feel you