C.R.E.A.M. Chess Rules Everything Around Me

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wuchessAnd to think a few years ago, Cash Rules Everything Around Me (the title’s a knockoff of “C.R.E.A.M.” for those who don’t know). But now, RZA aka Bobby Digital (who’s not related to me in any way, shape or form) helped launched what seems to be one of the coolest ideas a social network geared towards Hip-Hop Chess players. Members will be able to play the timeless game of Chess against other members and maybe even celebrities. They will also get a chance to compete in tournaments and support scholarships. You can even make “Chess Clans” (that’s “team” in non-gamer talk). I might be tempted to make a “Life-Remixed” clan…

Getting back to the hip-hop theme, they will also have exclusive mp3 and video downloads.

This is a good idea and an excellent example of how marketing and music can be a good combination. Wu Tang always promote the idea of mental building via chess and this is a surprising twist on not only the social networking game, but for the Wu Tang as well.

I’ve been meaning to get a game with Method Man, yo…

EDITED: I neglected to add one more fact: It will cost $48 annually to join. No wonder they decided to throw in a free t-shirt. Will it work? Perhaps. But the average hip-hop head don’t seem to understand “economics”. But only time will tell, ya know?

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