Coming Soon – Improvements/Obama Mixtape Extension

What’s up, y’all? I interrupt this blog to bring you some “Internal Dialog”.

First off, the Obama-Themed Mixtape Lifeline is now extended until May 23, 2008. We have gotten some good responses to the project and would like to keep it growing. For more details, check out the Obama Mixtape page.

Also, after considering a lot of things, which includes current events within NYC, I decided to do a few upgrades to the blog as well as the community in general to make the site more about the views that we face as a people and as a nation, as well as the entertainment and the stuff you guys love to talk about or moan about (most recently, my selection of “The Anthem” and downplaying Eminem’s performance was looked down upon.).

I don’t want to say much, but I will say this:

The old forum will be deleted to make room for new things.

I don’t see the value in keeping the old forum around anymore.

The future of is like this; I want to take that into a new growth direction. With very little activity on it these days and with the company behind not being flexible, I would like to squash my relationship with them and move on.

And yes, there will be a redesign.

Not everything will follow in that order, but you’ll see eventually how everything will fall into place.

So, that’s all I can say for now.

Oh… and yes babes, I’m working on your myspace page. I’m just… a bit stressed out from the week, that’s all. (Deadlines are a pain in the neck)

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