Colbert’s Rap Battle With Michael Steele

It’s been a minute since I’ve done any political posts, so allow me to present you with this piece.

In Feburary, Michael Steele, then newly elected Chairman of the Republican Party, was quoted saying that the Grand Old Party needs an extreme makeover, dripping with “hip-hop”. This leaves the door open for people to say a lot of things. Steven Colbert of The Colbert Report invited Michael Steele to his show, which Steele said he would do, but never appeared. This prompted Colbert to take a aim at Michael Steele.

Last night, Colbert did a “rap battle” with Michael Steele, using clips from previous news reports, chopped up and rolled together to a hip-hop beat that actually sounded kind of good (for a rap battle, not an album). The result, thrown with Colbert’s wit makes this piece a “must feature” over here. :) Enjoy!

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Michael Steele’s Rap Battle Response
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