Charles Hamilton/SEGA Collaboration

This got to be my biggest collaboration YET! Check out the Press Release below by Sega!


April 1st, 2009 – At Sega, we are connecting with our fans to give you what you want. There has been a huge increase for our SEGA Genesis to make a comeback. We had received letters that fans “missed the old school Sonic” and that no machine these days have “blast processing”. There’s no more “original games”, but most importantly, they want the “chubby version of Sonic” back. So, we decided to re-release Sonic the Hedgehog. We announced this last year on April 1st, 2008 at midnight.

This year, we will release the game for the Sega CD. In it, there are two versions you can play: The Original Classic and the Charles Hamliton Edition.


The Charles Hamliton Edition will have the following features:

  • 19 New Levels Designed and tested by Charles Hamliton himself.
  • New, Original tracks exclusively made for this game.
  • A pink version of Sonic, wearing headphones, and dubbed in Charles Hamliton’s voice.
  • Guest Appearances by that other Hedgehog, who was really an excuse to get Sonic CD’s story going.
  • Hidden Levels.
  • Find 16 Choas Tracks & you will unlock new songs & new levels!
  • You have to be really fast to complete this game. If you do not finish a level before the track finishes, you die.
  • Taunts by Charles Hamliton because you can’t beat him.

You must have a Sega Genesis With A Sega CD to play this special edition of Sonic The Hedgehog. You must also purchase the Exclusive Sonic The Hedgehog: Charles Hamliton Edition’s Pink Headphones By “Beats By Dre”. These headphones will help you listen to Charles Hamliton taunts with 100% clarity. You will also hear things such as:

  • Keyboard Sounds because Charles will be updating his blog WHILE recording.
  • Low Rumbling From probably the basement.
  • We thought we heard a girl having an organism in the background. You’ll have to hear it to believe it.

If you already have a Sega Genesis/Sega CD bundle, the Special Edition set will cost only $599.99.

If you do not own a system, or you threw it away because you thought the Dreamcast was 100% better (which it is!), then you can purchase a system direct from Sega, with the game included for $699.95. We will also include the “Make My Video: Charles Hamliton”. You will be able to remix “Brooklyn Girls” with scenes from horror movies, 60’s Black Movies, and Spaceballs. We also threw in Sonic scenes that you probably never seen in our first games because they were not “kid friendly” (but this is CHARLES HAMLITON! We HAVE to throw these in!)

So, place your orders NOW!

Update April 2, 2009: This was pretty much an April Fool’s joke I’ve done. In hindsight, there’s a few typos in the press release. But I’ll be keeping it here for future reference.

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