Changes, Upgrading and Updates

Alright. I’m taking a little time out to let you know a few things. I made some changes around here, with more to come. However, the changes I made are little changes.

  • Social-tactics is now Social Commentary. I think the title will help people real what I’m trying to talk about on this site.
  • Productive-Tactics is now Productivity. I decided to keep productive-tactics around, but to change the name to productivity. While this isn’t going to be something I do often, I believe in doing mind hacks and helping people making the most of their work life. Trust me, as time goes on, you’ll be glad I kept this around.
  • Do You! is gone. Out the door. This was the weakest category that didn’t serve any meaningful purposes. I still want to post up artwork and showcase talent. So, I’ll do them as regular posts.
  • Outside Links are being added. – The link categories when through some changes.
  • Striply Drama: New Comics are in the works. – Right now, I’m dealing with a serious artist who loved the old comics and will help me relaunch and reboot Striply Drama. Right now, it’s in the wheeling and dealing position. More to come…

I will be upgrading the blog over the weekend. It’s not a major upgrade, just one I need to get out of the way. Also, I’m in talks with a future partner that will take to the next level.

Lastly, I will not be posting any this weekend. I have projects that needs to be taken care of. Hey, I gotta get that paper. So, in advance, thanks for understanding.

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