Celebrities That Are Worse Than Chris Brown (Updated)

chris-brown_rihanna-kiss Chances are, Chris Brown made a bad decision to physically abuse fellow rising star, Rihanna. It’s a mistake that may cost him in the short-term…

… however, I hate it when I hear that this is a “career ending” move. Some people still forget that he’s 19 and if he does any type of jail time, his jail time will be minor compare to other celebrities. There’s no need to throw a tantrum, especially when both parties are resolving it behind close doors. I believe that a resolution is possible, because this is a “domestic abuse case” after all. It’s not like they are sworn enemies. But once again, this is not a “career ending” move, even if they started pulling his songs off and his ads out.

To illustrate my point, let’s take a look at some celebrities who had done worse than Chris Brown and either rebounded, their career is currently in limbo, or now questionable:

  • Amy Winehouse
    She’s a known crack fiend. Was banned from getting a work visa at one point. Currently, she’s a wild card.
  • Mystikal
    Currently serving a six year sentence and must register as a sex offender.
  • Michael Vick (Former NFL Quarterback)
    Currently serving time for illegal dog fightings. Even thought he will be capable of playing when he is release later this year, no NFL team may take him back.
  • Remy Ma
    Currently serving 8 years for an attempted murder. By the time she is release, she will not be as hot as going in and her child will be almost an adult.
  • Robert Downey, Jr.
    Arrested multiple times for substance abuse. Recovered is now commanding major roles (Iron Man, Tropic Thunder)
  • Shyne
    10 years for 1st degree assult and reckless endangerment. Schedule for release in 2011. Fanbase in tact? We’ll see.
  • Lil’ Kim
    Served in July 2005 under a “a year and a day” sentences for lying to a grand jury about a 2001 shooting. Rebounded simply because she’s linked to Notorious B.I.G.
  • R. Kelly
    Was involved in a lot of legal cases, and yet, he’s doing alright for himself. Only thing he lost from it was a few fans, a stigma grew around him about underage women, and his now ex-wife.
  • Da Brat
    Three years behind bars, seven years of probation and 200 hours of community service Friday morning (August 22) for striking a woman in the face with a rum bottle.

So, with very little details, maybe y’all should chill the eff out with Chris Brown.

I would talk about Rihanna and this argument about letting her be a spokesperson for “domestic abuse”, but here’s my very brief answer; if Rihanna was hit 200 times during the last year by Chris Brown in a non-sexual way that she didn’t approve of, then by all means, let her at it. For an argument that got too emotional & went out of control one time? It doesn’t count. Whitney Huston, on the other hand…

Updated (2.13.09 @ 1:44 AM): I can admit when I’m wrong. I should have compare Chris Brown to people who rebounded from domestic violence not random crimes like this report did.

This was more of a “rebound” PR type post that was written before later items were reveal. So, let me clear a few things:

  • Unless Rihanna was abused multiple times, I still think it’s a PR spin to make her spokesperson. There’s women who suffer from this abuse for years. There’s men who suffered from this for years, mentally as well as physically.  I rather see Whitney Huston represent this because her case is documented well. Rihanna, not so much. It’s a time factor with me. Sure, she can speak on about being a victim. It’s no laughing matter.
  • Note the time I published it. It was on the 11th. I wrote my post on the 10th. This was in sync to publish. Not a good idea for a time sensitive post. My bad. Also, if you might have notice, I don’t follow this story as much as the average fan would. Sure I read up about it, but I was dealing with the facts that was given at the time.
  • So, why did I take this from a PR perspective? Because basically, this is what his PR is doing. I usually take a different angle on things. This is not really a media blog, but a personal blog that covers media issues.
  • Keep in mind that there’s people who’s pretty much want to remain factual. They will be covering this more deeply than I will. I support listening to both sides of the story.
  • There’s a photo of Rihanna surfacing on the web of her abused. But this photo was doctored. No matter what, this is a police matter and will be treated as such. Taking a quote from Fly Life Style “Per LA County rules – Brown’s mugshot will NOT be released. And per the CA Victims Protection Act, neither will pictures of Rihanna.”
  • Google this story. You’ll notice that it gets weirder and weirder and weirder. Sure these are all gossip, but you gotta admit… it makes for good fiction.

This is basically my unusual way of saying “let’s keep this in perspective”. When you break it down, it’s simple… Man hurt woman. Until further information is out there, that’s what it sounds like. The blogs I referenced are maintained by women, who are just as pissed about the media coverage as I am.

I will be covering the social media aspect and how people are taking advantage of milking this story. There’s blogs that getting their shine. I’m at least trying to get you to see another point, not just mindlessly feeding you overblown crap. So, please, keep in mind… I love you people, I thank you for visiting, but these are my personal opinions and I’m not a professional blogger, nor will ever pretend to be.

In my comments, I made a statements saying Chris Brown needs to stand up and take responsibility for his actions. I stand by those comments…

… but I’m also noticing that there’s something weird about this WHOLE thing. It just don’t sit right with me. Remember, we are in the United States and what can be simple can become very, very complex.

I’m just offering my view point. And while it maybe a poorly constructed viewpoint, it’s one nevertheless. I will be revisiting the topic, but from an case study view. I DO study trends after all.

If I offend you with my viewpoint, I apologize for offending you. I won’t apologize for my viewpoint, however. But like I say, this is “thought remixer” and I can change my views at anytime. Just show me what I need to see… proof from creditable sources… the people involved.

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  • ms shai

    I agree that i've seen hollywood magic erase alot of issues like this and he just might pull out of it. The issue is that all of those celebrities you've mentioned have had bad boy/ bad girl personas long before their personal issues reached the court room. That makes bouncing back relatively easy, because people expected it from them. It actually helped their careers in some instances. But when you make your money as the nice friendly young boy. The charming teenager that can dance and entertain crowds of little girls,and then you are arrested for violently assaulting a young girl who is also another public figure even more popular than you are with the same demographic, well then you got issues. Chris Brown's clean image is his money. If that's compromised his career IS over. What he needs is good PR and pray that the public will keep their memories of the incident short. But I don't know if he has that. we'll see how they spin it.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/nukirk Nukirk Digi.tal

    You, my friend, made an excellent point!

    While yes, most of them do have this "bad" image, having a clean image is overrated. Look at Brandy, Bow Wow, Monica and Usher. They converted their image and it played two ways, if questionable. They still get people's attention and people to write about them. Okay, maybe NOT Monica (we have not heard from her in a while).

    I'm pretty sure that whatever happens, Chris Brown will find a way to trump this.

  • PurpleZoe

    Rihanna has stated this has been happening for awhile on a number of occasions, and even if not, she has every right to speak on being beaten like a man by a man.
    Chris' career is def over. I cosign the sentiments of Ms Shai. His clean image is his money.

    While the artists in the examples of criminal offense you've sited have been embraced back to some extent, what cases of woman-beaters have made it back? Certainly didn't help Ike. Did damage to Brian Mcknight. He never made it back to his previous stature.
    In general woman beating is frowned upon. Beyond being the sign of one's lack of balanced manhood, it's a disgustingly uneven match. Cowards resort to it.

    Rihanna def needs to set a good example for the young women looking up to her. Whether or not she speaks on domestic abuse, leaving him could empower alot of young girls who don't realize their own power.

    Chris gets no love for blackening her eye, busting her lip, leaving strangle marks on her neck, and biting her. I'm amazed at those who support him. Amazed.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/nukirk Nukirk Digi.tal

    You do know we don't really know what happened, right? You do know the pictures you seen are doctored?

    We are basically judging Chris Brown before we even get a the whole story. So far, we hearing everyone speculating. When did Rihanna stated that she was beaten several times? No one stated that this was a case in the past. All the pictures I seen were doctored.

    So, it's not a cut & dry case. This post is not really one in depth post. I'm just saying considering society, depending on the real story here, it's not totally impossible.

    I just wish people would just make at least a statement. The reports are getting ridiculous.

  • http://papercutbliss.tumblr.com Jilly

    Honestly, the title of this article alone bothers me. Why are we playing the "Who's Worse Off" game? In every day life, people who typically resort to doing these comparisons are just trying to make themselves feel better about a terrible situation they're in. I hope Chris isn't sitting somewhere playing this game, hoping for another celebrity to do some dumb, drastic shit so the light can come off of him momentarily. Perfect example: I read somewhere that Christian Bale jokingly said "Thank you, Chris Brown" after his extreme and unnecessary tirade on set, implying that people won't be as fascinated with his "oops" since CB is the man of the month. A tragedy is a tragedy is a tragedy when it comes to these celebrities and their foolish and sometimes vile mistakes. Let's not try to minify this vile tragedy here.

    Domestic violence is hardly something to take lightly. So many women I know, including myself and women in my family, have been physically abused in some way. You know what's even more painful than the physical aspect of it though? The emotional and psychological trauma that coincides with it. It is one of the most horribly soul-shaking, depreciating experiences ever. Rihanna is the victim here, not Chris. A plethora of reports around the internet and supposed police statements have said that Rihanna is the victim, and they have named Chris Brown as the attacker. That's pretty serious information, so I would hope that the police got their identities right before they went releasing this 411 to the
    media. We were given this information, so we, as the public, have ever right to react and be disgusted because Domestic violence is a universal issue, and there are millions of women suffering silently, watching this situation like a hawk, waiting to see Rihanna's next step, waiting to see if she's brave enough to come forth with a formal statement and press charges against her attack when she's emotionally ready to, waiting to be inspired to do the same. Rihanna is a popular public figure and millions of little girls look up to her, and perhaps even many grown women as well. She supposedly told the police that this wasn't the first time, more like the fourth and fifth, and if this is true, I'm glad that this fourth or fifth time was made public, because maybe now it'll give her the courage she needs to come forth and fight the ugliness that is domestic abuse. I'm praying for her bravery.

    Yes, they are young, as you pointed out, but they are legally adults, and as they continue to grow, their actions now will help shape the kind of human beings they'll be at say…30. With this said, it appalls me that the people subtly or not-so-subtly taking up for Chris have yet to mention anything along the lines of, "Well, if this proves to be 100% true, I hope the boy gets help ASAP." And when I read no such thing, it seems like his alleged horrific actions are being subliminally condoned. DISGUSTING. Men need to be as appalled at this as the women are.

    I don't care if he loses his career or if he continues to have a successful one as long as he ADMITS to his mistakes if he did, indeed, do this act, as long as he gets the help he needs because *HE* wants the change, not because his people convince him that it'll look good to the public.

    This whole story makes me unbelievably sad. The world needs to stop trying to brush Domestic violence under the rug; it's a serious issue and it will never go away. But for the future of our children, we just have to do better, we have to get mad, we have to fight, we have to be aware, we have to want and initiate change.


    Ps. Excuse any typos or grammatical errors because I wrote all this with pure passion. Also, I'm sure there are other points that I forgot to bring up, but I think I've said more than enough here.

  • http://papercutbliss.tumblr.com Jilly

    Okay, one more thing, just for the record, I don't condone women hitting men either, but men are typically much bigger and stronger, so that's why people tend to be more "up in arms" about men hitting women, as they should be. I'm sure most of the domestic violence reports in the world specify the woman as the victim. In short, EVERYBODY SHOULD KEEP THEIR EFFIN HANDS TO THEMSELVES. Hitting someone with your fists – especially in the face – is the ultimate (and in my opinion, most abhorred) form of disrespect in a relationship. It's just pure ugliness. *drops mic*

  • http://papercutbliss.tumblr.com Jilly

    Admittedly, boo, I'm half-stalking your twitter as I make happy internet time this evening lol. Though I'm well aware you don't have to, I wish you'd direct some of your thoughts about my comment at me. Why wouldn't you expect such a passionate reply? Is domestic violence not a serious crime? Take Chris and Rihanna out of the situation for a second. It's never okay to hit someone you supposedly love and cherish in the face, whether the victim is a celebrity, a stay-at-home mom, or a successful lawyer – it is NEVER okay in any way. Can we at least agree on that? The official LAPD website has already stated in a news item that Brown was arrested; they have already stated that the victim had visible injuries; they have already stated that she identified Brown as her attacker. What other reports are you looking for? Ones stating that she was almost left half-dead from the incident? Would it take her being half-dead for people to stop talking so frivolously about this like they're discussing mild food poisoning or some shit? I have yet to see you show any concern about the fact a woman was ABUSED. Can you point me to a post where you did if so? A little compassion please, less needing to see scanned police reports before you believe this story – nevermind that news all over the nation is reporting Chris as the ATTACKER and Rihanna as the VICTIM. I wonder why CB hasn't made a formal statement yet. He has less of an excuse than Rihanna does; she probably feels broken as hell; he's probably being coached by his peoples about what to say to the media when that time comes since his ass is definitely on the line. I don't hate Chris Brown; yes, I hate what he allegedly did, but I would have more compassion for him if he stepped up to the plate and admitted that he needs help to get through this storm just as much as Rihanna does. A little balance in your perception of this story please.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/nukirk Nukirk Digi.tal

    Sorry. I thought I entered this already. Damn it.


    I wholeheartedly agree w/ you one hundred percent.

    The argument here is basically a "rebound" article, not "oh I think Chris Brown is innocent" stuff. I DON'T think he's innocent. I just think he's handling all this the wrong way. Actually, I think his PR people is handling this the wrong, long, hard way.

    See, he can stop this stupid spiral. It's going to take a lot, but I feel this can be a turning point. He can prove that he is a man, not a boy running behind PR people. Because at the end of the day, it's him who have to live w/ the mistake. The PR is just trying to make their money. But it's the wrong type of PR he's getting. I'm not talking "Public Relations", but "Personal Responsibility",

    At the end of the day, let's look at what really happen…

    Man hurt woman. Like you said. It's just a "rich and popular man" hurt a "rich and VERY popular" woman. In this society, that is a taboo. It's wrong in the end.

    It takes a man to stand up and be stoned in public. Sure it will hurt, but we will respect him for it. Trust me, if he does that much, and stop it with all this attorney stuff, EVERYONE will respect him eventually. But he's not.

    At the time, this post was written when I have little information. So, NOW, this post will look controversial. So, forgive me if I taken too long to say this.

  • http://papercutbliss.tumblr.com Jilly

    You said it takes a real man to stand up and be stoned in public. I say it takes a real man to stand up and admit he's wrong and seek help if that's what's necessary. And yes, that's what's necessary here. That's what his real fans are waiting to hear – a public apology, admittance of his wrongdoings. The longer he hides, the guiltier he looks. Time is not on his side in this situation. I find it rather interesting that you're focusing on the PR stuff in your response. Again, I have yet to see a man with a media blog speaking about this situation say anything about how wronged Rihanna was, how terrible it is that this happened to her, how domestic violence is absolutely odious and nauseating; instead, it seems like most of them are posting irrelevant points that seem to support a "How to Save Chris Brown" crusade. And that, sir, is utterly wack.

    Thank you for responding though.

  • http://soulpowr.blogspot.com soulpowr

    “let’s keep this in perspective”. That's the most critical thing at this time. The story is a weird one, a tragic one in that one of the parties has been victimized, and an important one for starting a dialogue on domestic violence. However, until all the facts are known (if ever) and the case hits the justice system. I think fans and other observers should take a deep breath and await the outcome. The speculation at this point has become unseemly.

  • http://papercutbliss.tumblr.com Jilly

    A couple new statements have rolled in today from some of Chris' family members (check Bossip – they have audio), and it's real sad that at least one of them is saying it just had to be Rihanna's fault. She supposedly "provoked" it. I don't give a good goddamn if she dared him to hit her – the point remains he shouldn't have. Stop with the excuses, people. It seems like everyone's ignoring the big elephant in the room, screaming about more facts being needed, etc. We have 3 basic core facts: Rihanna is the victim, Rihanna was abused (perhaps not the first time), Chris Brown was her attacker. That's not speculation; that's what the POLICE have reported. I don't understand what more specifics people need beyond that to clearly and loudly say what this so-called kid did was wrong. He's a "kid," yet he's old enough to make business deals some adults will never even get to make in their lifetime. He's a "kid," yet he's adult enough to have sex and be in a serious relationship. It just frustrates the hell out of me that everyone is saying everything except dude was totally wrong – even his celebrity friends, who are now retracting their statements because they claimed they didn't know about all the allegations against Chris. Please. More like they knew they said some nonsensical, insensitive remarks and are trying to save face now. A collective "Domestic violence is a serious crime and should be treated and reacted to as such" please. I have every right to be outraged by this story and people's apathetic responses to it, as a woman, as a human being, as a past victim. Don't like it, anyone? Tough titties.

  • PurpleZoe

    To whomever supports Chris Brown's violence against a women (whether openly or not):

    It's very upsetting that there has been such blatant denial of the reality here. The FACTS have come out ( http://twitter.com/DinkyShop/status/1205162634 ). The POLICE released them. Newspapers printed them.
    The extreme minute details ( like what exactly was said in the moments leading up the assault, for instance) may or may not ever come to public awareness truthfully. But I find it interesting that those who talk so much about wanting facts have no problem assisting the spread of rumors about Rihanna supposedly infecting Chris with a disease ( obviously to condone his behavior) which is sick.

    There were no FACTS supporting the rumour tarnishing Rihanna's womanhood but many had no problem speculating on that or spreading the falsehood.

    It's just so easy to tarnish a woman's character in this society, but let a beloved male personality or even average citizen in some cases, actually be guilty of a deplorable act, the public comes to his rescue? Keep feeding into the patriarchy, if you will, people. Colonization could have never succeeded without misogyny.

    I am not surprised at the statements from a member in Chris' family trying to blame Rihanna. I consider the source, because his mother is the same women beaten in front of Chris as a child. Who knows what else is condoned in that unit? She may still be a battered woman.
    Anyone who blames the victim, is either inclined to monstrous behavior or the one who would quickly serve someone capable of monstrous behavior out of fear. There's no mystery there, psychologically. It's sick. It's twisted. It's inexcusable.

    …and I've said my peace. This is becoming a waste of time, because blinders are blinders for any who want to condone violence against women and innocents.
    Those that support this nonsense, or support it on the low, covering the support with diversions to save face, have to look themselves in the mirror, and somehow find a way to be comfortable in their own skin.
    One thing is for sure, if this was your Mother, or a very beloved female beaten like a man by a man, you would be screaming for justice now that the FACTS have arrived. In reality, you would be calling for blood. Whether ones likes Rihanna or not is irrelevant.

    Truth is truth and it will prevail, no matter how the ego tries to protect itself. False masks are transparent.

    Oh, and Jilly gets a major co-sign for her post.
    A voice of reason is a cherished thing in a society growing more insane by the minute.