Rewind: Buju Banton – Nothing (Featuring Ghost, East Coast, Mr. Vegas, New Kidz, Assassin, Mitch and Mr. Lex)

Buju Banton – Nothing

I wanted to show a new music video on Tuesday, but instead, I ranted about how difficult the music industry makes promoting them difficult (what? They don’t want free promotion). I felt as thought I didn’t get a chance to showcase any new music. So, I decided to go into my islander’s side again and pull up Buju Banton.

Buju Banton is one of my favorite old school chanters. The song “Nothing” in this video is from his 2006 record, “Too Bad”. Nothing is a pure dancehall posse track, which is weird to me because I don’t usually see posse tracks from dancehall stars. To illustrate where I’m going with this, think of any rapper who ever have beef with another rapper and then imagine them with an islander accent. Same WWE drama. So, THAT’s why I’m amused.

So, if you never experience dancehall, think of this posse cut as Dancehall 101. :) Enjoy!

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