Boondocks: The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show (The Whole Episode) [Video]

Nope. You’re not misreading this. This is the other banned episode. And the video is here and you can watch it… right now. Need I say more?


Apparently, someone at World Star Hip-Hop likes this site. This isn’t the first time I got a tip from them, so shout outs to them from providing the hook up.

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  • Akono (jurf-rokstar)

    I hate Ruckus but sadly, he was the only one to save this shitty season.

  • dCapitalist

    Reggie Hudlin is depicted in this episode as mocking the education that Blacks receive at HBCU’s. Interesting since he considers himself the vanguard of black independent cinema. It’s good to be independent and black in comics, movies, & other media, but not when it comes to education – white must be right. Typical socialist/leftist hypocrisy :(. We must support the community (except for HBCU’s). We have to stick together (except for frats). While it may be facetious to some, thats the kind of stuff that is MORE harmful than the things Don Imus said. Maybe thats why it was ‘Banned in the USA’ but not Canada?

  • LULZ

    I’m ever so thankful for the person who posted this boondocks episode.
    I simply could not find it anywhere else.

  • Response to DCapitalist

    He said HARVARD, not Howard. Harvard is not an HBCU. If it is, they sure do got some light skinned black folks on that campus.

    The only person making fun of HBCU’s is Ruckus.

    Aaron’s probably just mocking Reggie and his “higher education” not intentionally mocking the college, Harvard.

  • dCapitalist

    My post was in regards to the last few minutes of the show, not those remarks where he was saying something like ~ “You dont know what I said because you didnt go to Harvard.” He & Rukus had a good time when Reggie told Rukus “I dont like black people either!”. Then they had this diatribe about a variety of black institutions – mostly frats & HBCU’s.

  • mike

    lol funny episode.. could not find it anywhere else…

  • Toreno

    Finally found this episode. This season was kick ass. Jurf you are on crack if you though this season was shit. Last season was good, except for the shitty job Regina King did on Huey and Riley’s voice. They sounded like girls, but this season they sounded better.