Boondocks – The Last Episode of the Season – About Time…

Well, this has been a very confusing season. An exciting season at first, it turned sour. Are the "banned episodes" a way to shake up the excitement for the DVD or are they moves by BET and Sony? Either way, Aaron McGruder just isn’t talking… nor is anyone else. Here’s the official word:

"The two episodes you were asking about are not scheduled to air on Adult Swim. We really have no further comment but you should know that neither Turner nor Adult Swim were contacted by BET, Ms. Lee or Mr. Hudlin."

So, maybe it’s Sony. We’ll never know.

Anywayz, the last Boondocks episode will be airing tonight. It’s already on Adult if you are interested.

The Story of Gangstalicious – Adult Swim

"Gangstaliscious is back with a new hit song, a new clothing line, but the same old secret. Gayness ensues."

As for those asking "why you haven’t been posting Boondocks news?" Well, to be honest, I got tired of it. It’s too confusing when the channel that it is on is famous for doing stupid shit like this. While other issues does prevent me from posting regularly, I really lost interest in this season.

I’m just glad that it’s over and hope that Aaron McGruder get his act together for the third season.

*yawn from indifference*

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  • Ian

    I’m sorry but this episode was hilarious… Hopefully they put up these eps on Amazon so they can be downloaded individually because I would pay for this one.

  • Q

    Hey! I sent Sony a question about those episodes and this is what they sent me:

    BTW, the guy’s name has been blocked in this email.

    Dear Valued Consumer,

    The decision to remove airings of these episodes was from the networks that air
    the series, not Sony Pictures.


    A*** W*******
    SPHE Consumer Affairs

    Sounds lame if you ask me.