Boondocks – New Episodes and Correction "Hunger Strike Banned"


According to a very reliable source… the remaining episodes will premiere back-to-back (-to-back-to-back-to-back) starting Jan. 21, 28 and Feb 4th, 11th and 18th. They will also be on Adult Swim Fix on Friday, 3 days before the premiere on TV.

Here’s hoping that the remaining episodes are headbangers… or at least laughable with smarts.

As far as the controversy over the BET episode, it seems that it wasn’t suppose to air the day people thought it was going to air. See how following sources such as your head can make you a fool? (Yes, I was fooled too. Damn you, Internet Heads!)

And to think, we been getting excited over nothing.

So, yep… new episode this Friday on the Fix!

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  • marcel

    we should boycott bet for trying to control freedom of expression

  • Ian

    So the show wasn’t banned after all?

  • Q

    As of January 18,2008.

    The Adult Swim schedule has changed:

    As you can see, episode 206 (“The Hunger Strike”) is no longer on the schedule, which could possibly be that our greatest fears have come true.

    Now is the time for us Boondocks fans to boycott Adult Swim and send complaints (But keep them peaceful, OK? This is a non-violent protest after all.), and not to watch any new Boondocks episodes, demanding that Adult Swim air this speical episode. Please inform others on myspace, facebook and elsewhere about this and peacefully pressure Adult Swim to air “The Hunger Strike”.

  • Ro

    We can’t boycott this show because of what has happened- you can’t blame them- that’s what BET would want-instead BET should be boycotted- I’ve just been alerted that BET is coming to the UK- God have mercy on us all…