Boondocks 3rd Season Maybe A YouTube Series???

It’s only speculation, but when you see Uncle Ruckus getting ready to hit who appears to be Barack Obama with a brick, one have to wonder. This picture was sighted on the BoondocksBootleg channel on YouTube. YouTube, by the way, do have a partnership with Boondocks Bootleg, which appears to be the official channel of all things Aaron McGruder.

In a way, it makes sense, since television will never give Aaron McGruder the freedom to express himself. Case in point, it turns out that the BET episodes WERE banned from television. (At one point, I thought it was a marketing ploy.) It’s also true that Google have been trying to boost up their revenues by getting Sponsoring videos and going live. Even Jay Smooth of illdoctrine recently announced his partnership with YouTube on NewTeeVee.

Note: This is ONLY speculation. I’m only taking a guess here. They might have “mini-clips” or the whole third season or just previews of the third season. Nothing official was said yet.

The only way to found out now is to wait for Aaron to drop the bomb. Which could be any day now…

… yep, any day now.

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