Boondocks – Hunger Strike Banned

Yes. Hunger Strike is banned from Adult Swim. However, I’m getting some random spammers posting on how we should protest Adult Swim because they refused to show the episodes. Is this something I fully endorse? No.

Why? Because it’s no skin off BET’s nose if you do protest the show. After all, Aaron’s been on BET bashing ever since the comic started. By protesting (even”nonviolently” as the anonymous poster suggested), you’re not showing that you’re refusing to watch because of one episode, but because the show isn’t good. Lower ratings means “why should we renew this?” We can’t have that.

Anyway, I posted up another video clip of the now “banned episode”.

Update 3/24/08: I removed the clip because of problems with the coding. I will post it back up when I get a chance. But chances are, you are looking for the full episodes, The Hunger Strike and The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show are now on site. Check out the links provided.

Update: Clip back up.

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  • colanthony

    Hilarious… down right funniest clips I’ve seen from the show. I’d love to see the episode

  • Q

    Oh, hey. Just me again. Don’t worry. I’m not here to complain or anything, so don’t get the wrong idea. I’m alright now. I’ll have for the Season 2 DVD for “The Hunger Strike” episode to come out. Or if it gets leaked (which would be great for most of us.)

    Anyways, another clip of one of the “banned” Boondocks episodes has been leaked. This time, it’s from the Uncle Ruckus Reality Show episode.

    Watch it before it gets pulled!