Boondocks Banned Episodes – Where You Can Find Them Online


*sighs* Honestly, I want to talk about other items other than banned episodes. However, it seems that you guys want these episodes bad. Well, so do I.

However, guess what? I’m not going to tell you how to get them. At least not directly. Think about it. If I was to put up direct links, Sony will banned them VERY fast. So, instead of giving you direct links, I will offer a few hints.

Hint Number 1: You need to hit a hip-hop site. And when I say hip-hop, you better NOT be thinking of G-Unit, idiot. You need to go to a site that the members of Blackstar and Ms. Badu proudly would promote on their CDs.

Hint Number 2: Once you get to the spot, then you might wanna do a bit of a search in the forum.

Hint Number 3: You MIGHT wanna read the front page a bit.

There. That’s all you’re getting.

However, I also know that there are links buried on the site because people like to spread the news.

Just remember… I’m on Sony’s hit list. So I doubt I can be of any more help than that.

Update March 26, 2008: I decided to place both episodes on my site because I still get questions and e-mails about the episodes. So, instead, choose an episode and watch.

The Hunger Strike
The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show

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