Black Homophobia, #WeStillDoThat?

Cuddling Black Men... Awww... In the world of Hip-Hop Urban Black Caribbean American culture, we have ideals that are buried deep within our culture. Every generation questions these ideals and expresses why some ideas should stick around and others gets rejected… or at least remixed. So, the Hip-Hop Generation (or at least this generation of “New Blacks” because I’m trying my best NOT to say all of us listen to Hip-Hop) would be open to remix old ideas with new ones and crush certain beliefs. For example, every generation of Hip-Hop redefines the meaning of manhood… for better or worse. (I’m looking at you Soulja Boy, Wocka Wacka Flame and Gucci Mane). However, there’s one thing in Hip-Hop that remained the same since the start: We freak out when two men cuddle, especially if it’s two black men. We REALLY freak the F*CK out!

For example: this picture posted by J-Breezy The Poet (@WatchJ) and his opinion: “#NoExcuse I DONT GIVE A F*CK HOW SLEEPY YOU ARE…”

I don’t follow J-Breezy on Twitter (not because of this outrage, but more because I think I reached my threshold of people I can follow on twitter at this point. Twitter is addictive, son.). However, the comments on this picture did raise a question: Why are we still homophobic? Negative commentary of this picture sadly outnumbers the positive ones. The funny thing with this camera shot? It’s not even a graphic picture, nor a questionable one (like “cheap sports action shot taken out of context” type questionable. We are looking at you, Yankees.). This is purely innocent public display of affection that you’ll normally see a man and a woman embracing. I see this display often in NYC and I don’t say “go to your room with that sh*t”, I just let them be. What offends me is when couples (both straight and homo) gets it on REALLY heavy in public. Seeing innocent kisses, cool. Seeing really passionate kisses complete with fondling, not cool. (mostly because I get jealous of the action, but that’s just me. Lucky bastards.) The most I’ll do in this case is just go elsewhere… if possible.

Back in High School, I was homophobic. This same scene would probably break me up. During my college years, however, I realized something: Why does it hurt me so much? Is it because it’s “unnatural”? Because it goes against “my God and his wishes”? Or is it because I can’t picture myself doing that with another guy? As the years went by, I realized that it was because I can’t picture myself doing it… and that’s why it hurts me the most (but not more than Brandy faking her marriage – sorry, my bad.).

When you can’t relate to something, you either do one of three things: hate it, shun it, or learn to accept that you can’t (totally) relate to it. I find the first option pretty upsetting. Hating something you don’t understand will only spread that idea and make it into an ideal and , eventually a fact. Shunning it, or ignorance, is just as worse because it breeds uncertainty. When you do have to face this fear, your true face emerges. By being accepting of something you can’t (totally) relate to instead, you can at least be happy within yourself. Hey, if I can accept a guy marrying a video game character, then I can accept this.

While our culture may not do a complete turnaround on our ways of thinking towards gays (especially within our culture) anytime soon, we can at least start on the path so we can fight bigger and better things… like, maybe getting HTC to upgrade the Hero to Android 2.2? (Sorry, geek moment. If you didn’t see that coming, welcome to Thought Remixer.)

But enough about me, what would you do if this scene played in front of you? How do you feel about this?

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