Betcha Watching Lakers-Celtics Now, Huh?

Chances are, you are coming here to hear me trash talk the Lakers droppiong the ball on Game Four. m_11mw_c1_nba_0611While the chances are good that I will get to see the Celtics take it this year, I doubt the reason you’re here is to see me trash talk, especially when it comes from a thought provoking blog and not a sports commentary guy or a fanboy. What you may come in here to see is how the NBA is more like the WWE and read about conspiracy theories.

Sadly, that’s why maybe why there’s a spike in viewership for the NBA Finals, and it’s all because of the recent claims by a former NBA official Tim Donaghy, saying that there were several playoffs and championship games that were fixed to prolong games and get better ratings. I’ll also throw in to “assure less refunds for advanced games” just for good measure.

Just like everyone else outside the world of the NBA officials, I have no idea if this is true, but my love for sports in general have fallen to the way side because of these theories. While the WWE and wrestling shouldn’t be compared to Basketball, at least you know that wrestling is fake, but you can suspend that belief if you choose to. With the major four sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey) and any sport (I’m looking at you, Olympics), you want things to be fair and just. After all, these are the characteristics we all aim to be when playing any sport. It’s about being a good sportsman, teamwork, and building a character that will help you outside of sports. But with the ongoing conspiracy theories and the officials entertaining these, I wonder if the games are even fair. After all, if people who are not in the NBA was too call the shots, then the game would be longer… and more boring.

So, I guess the lesson here is if you are watching the game just to see if the game is fixed for the Celtics to win, then you either have too much time on your hands, or you’re just bored of the current problems going on. I would rather argue about the game I’m playing than the game their playing because I’m not making those major dollars. But…

… as for me, I rather be vending at those games and “get all y’all money”.

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