Before outing hip-hop, there was questioning it…

Before the book “Hiding In Hip Hop” and all the rage, there was a film that question the subject of masculinity, sexuality and such in Hip-Hop. And that film was “Hip-Hop: Beyond the Beats and Rhymes”. Above is a clip from the movie. I hope you’ll go cop it and come back to discuss it.

My favorite part is when they interview a white woman and she was sounding… so educational about her stuff. Also, check out the “Colored people” remark.

My other favorite part is Nelly… sliding a credit card down a woman’s crack conversation. Now, don’t get me wrong. While I think it’s degrading (the whole damn song is), why focus on that moment? The WHOLE songs degrading…

… but sometimes I think “do we take ourselves too seriously?” After all, where’s the outrage when the following happened?

I’m going to talk about this film in the near future… along with my thoughts of the book. Honestly, I want to hear your thoughts about the book. I might not read it. Not because I’m homophobic (this is something I’ve gotten over), but more because… well, I don’t care. I pretty much looked at an animated dick and don’t think I lost my manhood. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to want to kiss a guy or poke him… or having him poke me. That’s about as far as it goes.

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