Barack Obama: EXPOSED! Report (Don’t Get Too Excited, I Didn’t Read It Yet)

I don’t really have the time, but I downloaded a report called "Barack Obama: Exposed". It’s a 37 page report warning Conservatives about the Obama threat. Just to be "fair and balanced" (hehehe), I’m going to read this over the weekend and see what this is about. However, the titles of each report in this PDF file leaves little to desire.

Here are the authors with the titles. I put Carpenter reports all together because she’s the one who put the report together.

Amanda B. Carpenter (Assistant Editor of HUMAN EVENTS (where this Report was published))
Obama More Pro-Choice Than NARAL
Obama’s Voting Record Belies Moderate Image
Barack Obama Is Just Another Liberal

Ann Coulter (Author of Godless: The Church of Liberalism)
Jonathan Livingston Obama

Tom Fitton (President, Judicial Watch)
Barack Obama’s Whitewater?

Steve Chapman (News Columnist, Chicageo Tribune)
Barack Obama and the Pertinent Precedents

D.R. Tucker (Not sure who he is, but he’s not Tucker Carlson, that’s for sure)
Will GOP Be Ready for Obama Onslaught?

L. Brent Bozell III (Writer, activist and President of Media Research Center)
Youth Double Standard: Obama vs. Dubya

Robert Spencer (Islam Writer)
Our First Muslim President?

Dennis Byrne (Chicago newspaper columnist. Check out his blog)
Is Obama Black Enough?

Bill O’Reilly (Social Commentator… if that’s what you want to call him)
The Perils of Obama

Mac Johnson (Writer, HUMAN EVENTS)
Barack Obama: The Human Rorschach Blot

Michelle Malkin (columnist, blogger, author. She writes for a site call, get this, "Hot Air".)
Obama: Wasting His Own Breath

Ben Shapiro (Orthodox Jew and conservative political columnist and author)
Iran: Praying for Obama

Ericka Andersen (News Producer, HUMAN EVENTS)
Debate Coverage: The Obama Question

Monica Crowley
Who The Liberals Really Are

Erica Anderson
The Liberal Egotism of Barack Obama

Dan Proft
Reality of Obama Taking Hold

Robert J. Caldwell
Obama in Perspective

Star Parker
Huckabee and Obama: A Study in Contrast

Interesting titles. Of course, I can’t wait to read Dennis Byrne’s take on Obama. After all, I wonder what does a black man have to go through to be "black".

Stay tuned…

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