All (Political) Eyes on New Hampshire

Today is New Hampshire’s turn to pick the main runners for the highest prize in the Political game: The chair of the Commander-In-Chief of the whole damn world (no disrespect to my brothers outside of the US).

Unlike Iowa, the odds are against Sen. Obama for Sen. Hilliary Clinton has the upper hand for the Caucuses in NH. While the media plays up the story with romantic story lines, the primaries does set up the mood for the upcoming elections later this year. Obama does sound like he’s got a good chance. I’ve spoken with some LR members and they are more confident with Obama winning the whole thing than ’04 Democrat forerunner, John Kerry.

However, the one thing that bugs me. In the Iowa race, the Democrats final polls have a lower voting count than the Republicans, which makes you wonder what gives? Turns out Iowa is a “Red State”, which means primary Republican. Well, that goes to show you how much I really know about the election process. This is the first time I’m looking that deep into it, so help me figure out some things. Don’t be ashame to post up some comments about this. After all, I love learning new things.

Well, good luck to all those running.

Edited: Actually, Clinton is the one who’s going against all odds. The local newpapers corrected me.

Note to self: check all resources, especially when you live in a state like New York.

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