All Obama-Out…

After the “Anti-Obama Movement” post, I’m starting to do my “America Is Bullshit” stance. Here’s what I was trying to do.

I feel that maybe I should look things up. But after reading a whole bunch of things, I decided to step back from anymore postings about Obama for a while.

As a thought-remixer, I want to be able to fully go into any facts or details comfortable. You know, I want to go into the election not on “blind faith”, but with a full reassurance. But at the moment, after just peeking on the websites, I am just tried of doing this. I’m not really a journalist and I don’t really have a stomach for such a thing. So, for now, I will be avoiding the topic of Obama and will talk about it again once I’m fully comfortable with it.

In the meantime, here’s Jay Smooth’s version of what I’m feeling.

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