Alicia Keys: Conspiracy Theorist? [LinkUp]

Alicia-Keys-jr38 Tupac & Biggie was killed by the United States Government? This is what Alicia Keys (yes, the singer pictured to the left) had said in a recent Blender Magazine.

While she may sound “crazy”, just remember, I like to hear and think of conspiracy theories as well. The only difference between Ms. Keys and myself is that she’s only one of the biggest artists in the world and I will be lucky if 10 people remember my name during one of my open-mic performances.

I was going to do a bit of research myself as to who can be “crazier” than Alicia Keys, but Jay Smooth beat me to it. Here’s today’s linkup.

The Difference Between Paranoid and Suspicious –

He also provide links to the crazier people… like the FBI.

The only crazy statement (in my opinion) she made was Tupac and Biggie being “black leaders”. Call me crazy, but I doubt Tupac wants to actually be a leader of that caliber.

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