About Thought Remixer

New Media is making advances everyday. It helps us reshape our thinking, how we present & most definitely how we entertain ourselves. But is New Media white dominated or are Black Americans just using the technology in the wrong way? With “old media” black organizations still playing catch up and with a generation gap, it’s hard to tell what Young Black America and Old Black America is thinking. I aim to bridge that gap.

Instead of trying to compete with old media Television, Newspapers and Radios and Black Organizations that still tries to beat an old system, I decided to take Social Media, Blogging, and other Internet Applications & technologies to make a statement. I’ll also show you how to use these tools to make your own statements, wither it’s for the community or for yourself!

Thought Remixer cover topics within new media and how it shapes the way we think and re-think culture & social issues, music & entertainment.

New Posts are up at least twice a week, displaying:

  • New Media Articles From A Black’s POV…
  • … Social Commentary in a “New Age” …
  • … Exposing new songs, entertainment & art…
  • … how to use New Media to empire the Black Community …
  • … how to market your music …
  • … all while bringing my own unique humor, intellect and perspective into it.

I want to provoke thought, encourage a new type of movement, while making you laugh, dance or shake your head at me.

Hey, while everyone may feel a way about me, at least y’all feel something!

About Nukirk

Nukirk Digi.tal is the pen name and stage name of V.Matthew King-Yarde, a West Indian-American. A song/creative writer, lyricist/rapper, poet, web designer/developer and a business man, Nukirk’s main objective is to become a personality that embodies his love for sharing his own viewpoint.

Other than his day-to-day ramblings on Twitter, you can also catch him on the following:

NuFuture Media – This site is my portfolio site. It’s slightly dated, but he’s working on it.

He also host a myspace music page as well as freelance on a day-to-day job. He also write articles for various other blogs such as Freelance Switch.

Even thought he has a busy schedule, he manages to find time to interact, work, perform and sleep. Yes, creepy. We know.

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