A Little Break For The Next Three Days…

Sorry to pull the plug on blogging for a while… especially with the news getting a bit into gear. But I’m taking a small break. And damn, what a news day for Obama.

First off…

Today is my birthday. Unlike a lot of past birthdays, this one marks my 30th year. Funny, I still don’t look a day over 22… well, at least my face. My body… well, that’s another story. Reversal of age process is very hard, especially when you like drinking sugared-up green tea from AriZona. I want to take a day to myself where I’ll be away from the computer… for at least the majority of the day.

Second, I have to study for an all important exam. How important? Well, let’s say it’s so damn important that I’m actually downloading flash cards and implementing strange study methods. Wish me luck.

Once I’m done with the testing, which will be on the June 3rd (and thus making this a third note, no pun intended), then I’ll be back on the blogging grind.

Oh… and for those who care… I got a new cell phone service. Anyone who knows me knows that I kept saying for the past three years I’ll get a new phone service and literally waited until they finally bring unlimited call. I’m a sprint user now! Farewell, ya stupid prepaid AT&T. I won’t miss you so. Hello, unlimited txting! Man, Jott and Evernote is gonna have problems with my ideas… *evil laughter*

Now… a minor plug: Anyone wants to give me birthday licks (Creole for punches) feel free to give them in the comments below or the myspace profiles (Nukirk Personal/Music profile will have something in it soon) or even on my deviantArt profile or log on to my.life-remixed.com

If you want to lick me for real, you’ll have to find me. I’ll be somewhere in Harlem attending the Mafika festival. Good luck with that. 😛

P.S. – if you are going to hit me, then prepare for a hit back. Homey don’t play that.

P.P.S. – Licks = Punches… NOT that type of licks! Get yo mind out da gutta, homes!

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  • Slapnutz Malone 2: The Return

    Beware the man who aligns himself with you as your friend, for he will be the instrument of your destruction.

    So, after all the things thrown at Barack Obama throughout his life, church folk will be his downfall. That’s why I don’t attend church, homie! Hidden agendas and fork tongues run rampant up in that joint.

    Did you notice that in the NY Times article, they repeatedly refer to him as “Mr. Obama” as if he had lost his title as Senator because he left his church. What a prick!