A Few Announcements… and that Obama-related thing…

As you may notice, my postings are occurring less and less. This may sound like bad news, but I’m really pushing myself to a better level in life. However, in order to do that, sacrifices need to be made. I have a ton of stuff I want to talk to you about and I will get to them when I have free time.

Now, he’s my definition of "free time": Free time is when I can afford to spend some time working on things that I love while maintaining a balance with the things that I have to do to keep surviving in this realm we call "reality". Right now, the things I’m doing to survive in this reality is taking up a lot more of my time. A balance can be strike between the two. However, if I need to push myself to do a teeny bit more of work because I know my own behavior patterns… and trust me, if you know what I’m like, you’ll agree.

If the above paragraph is somewhat your definition of free time, then cool. If now, maybe you have nothing to worry about. (Imagine me saying that with a straight face. Y’all know what I look like, right?)

However, I would like to let you know that March 18th is coming up (alright, it’s tomorrow) and yes, there will be an announcement made on, before or a little bit after March 18 about a project that will put this site in a different league. Again, the hints are:

  • It’s Obama related.
  • It’s music related.
  • You’ll get a chance to have a say in it.
  • It’s gonna be sweet.

Also, this is a "no biggie",  but I removed the "exclusives" category off the site. However, if the question is to come up, my answer’s gonna be simple: there’s no such thing as "exclusive information". I mostly add my two cents to things I blog about and most exclusive information are mostly internal dialogs anyway, so that category didn’t make much sense.

That’s all I can get into right now.

I promise that once I’m finished with my studies and everything, you will see that my postings will be 100% better.

But for now, be patience and subscribe to the blog. Also join My.Life-Remixed.com. Join especially if you’re a Naruto fan. Asali and Son of the King is getting into a conversation about Naruto… and Mr. Controversial is NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! Oh yeah, he’s drawing some sort of… hand… I think he drew "the finger" somewhere in there…

(If you post your thoughts in public, I will repeat them)

Note to self: fit the tags. It’s starting to confuse even me…

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